Series: CEO Role

Episode 23: Is Your Business Missing a Key Ingredient?

We’re going to talk about a topic that I would call the intangibles. It’s not something you can actually hold. The intangible can sometimes be soft skills. But they are also things that you truly can’t quantify because they’re not necessarily a skillset. My friend Daniel calls this “non-comp compensation”. When you’re managing a business…

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Episode 7: Innovation Where You Would Least Expect with CEO Julian De Salay

How did Julian De Salay go from working with his father in the family business to reaching the INC 500 in the first few years of founding his own company? And what lessons has he learned along the way as the CEO and CFO of JB Office?  In this episode, I’m interviewing Julian De Salay,…

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Episode 3: The 6 Pillars of Corporate Structure for Growth

What are the six pillars of corporate structure for growth? What do they mean to you in your business and how can you apply them right now? As a business owner, you want strategies that will grow and scale your business, but understanding the core pillars for growth is more important than implementing any tactic….

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