Episode 50: What You Don’t Know Might Be What Makes You a Success

Today’s show is a look back at the recorded episodes of Inside The Lion’s Den. My goal is to provide you, the listener, with a distilled version of the business advice, interesting facts, and general wisdom shared by my guests over the course of the podcast. Not surprisingly, there were many common themes that came up and I’ve highlighted those for you in this episode.

Hosting this podcast, I have the pleasure of speaking with guests from all walks of corporate and entrepreneurial life. They share with me, the secrets of their success, the things they wish they’d known, and the mistakes they’ve made along the way. While no one can ever be prepared for every situation in business or in life, hopefully the lessons my guests impart and their combined experience can help provide some guidance.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Taking ownership of your your work, successes, behavior, and especially mistakes to become a better leader
  • Changing your pre-conceived ideas to achieve the success you want and help your business grow
  • How great leaders focus and work on their communication skills to get their message across to all audiences
  • The compounding nature of doing the same successfully proven actions over and over and it’s effect on your business
  • How sometimes just taking action can be your most important step


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