Episode 81: Understanding the Narratives that Can Keep Us Stuck with Katy Wells

Let’s talk about DECLUTTERING! In this episode, we had the insightful Katy Wells on as a guest, and we delved deep into the psychological and practical aspects of decluttering.

Here are some key takeaways from our amazing conversation:

1. Are you holding onto things due to scarcity clutter or sentimental clutter? Katy discusses these types of clutter and shares how understanding the root cause of clutter is crucial for effective decluttering. It’s about more than just superficial organization!

2. Feeling called out about clutter? You’re not alone! I opened up about my own home clutter and the contrast between my wife’s minimalism view and my attachment to sentimental items. Changing perspectives on minimalism and letting go of items was a huge part of our discussion.

3. The “what if” mindset can make it tough to part with items with perceived value. This mindset applies not only to physical clutter but also to business processes, employees, and limiting ideas. Katy and I discuss breaking the psychology of holding onto things and overcoming beliefs.

4. Katy shared a powerful personal story. After a car accident, she realized that clutter was distracting her from what truly mattered. This pivotal moment led her to declutter both her home and her life, sparking her passion for decluttering and inspiring her to start a business.

5. Learning to simplify and declutter doesn’t just apply to our personal lives, but also to business. Katy’s experience managing clinics and transitioning to her decluttering business sheds light on the impact of decluttering on people’s lives and professional endeavors.

6. Have you experienced burnout due to clutter or juggling multiple responsibilities? Katy’s story of overcoming burnout and finding her passion again through decluttering is truly inspiring. It’s a reminder of the profound impact that decluttering can have on both mental health and productivity.

This powerful episode will change how you think about clutter and its impact on every aspect of your life. Be sure to check out Katy’s podcast The Maximized Minimalist and her practical courses on decluttering.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Unraveling the links between clutter and business success
  • How addressing superficial clutter alone does not lead to long-term results
  • Contrasting views on minimalism and sentimental attachment to items
  • How decluttering leads to reduced anxiety, more quality time, and renewed passion
  • The high cost of clutter in terms of time, energy, and mental health
  • The connection between decluttering our personal lives and improved business performance

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