Episode 75: The Psychology Behind Disappointment and How to Combat Negativity Bias in Your Life and Business

Have you ever reached a goal or earned a reward that should have been exciting but actually you ended up feeling a little bit disappointed? If you have, good news – you’re normal. As it turns out, there is a clear psychological explanation for this, known as negativity bias. Negativity bias often occurs when we have an expectation that isn’t met as fully as we hoped it would be. You’ve probably experienced this with something as simple as buying a new item that you just had to have and feeling your dopamine levels increase, only to feel a bit disappointed later when you realize that item didn’t quite bring you the happiness you expected. In this episode, I’ll share some of my own career background and, specifically, a story of a time when my expectations were exceeded, and a story of when my expectations fell short, and I felt disappointed even though I had earned a great reward. Through these examples in my own life, I’ll give you an understanding of what negativity bias is, how it is likely affecting your life and your business, and how you can fight against it to continue moving forward and celebrating your successes.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why good businesses are exceeding your expectations, not just meeting them
  • The psychology of making people feel happy
  • Why you need to understand the psychology behind your own reactions
  • Why I felt disappointed by a 2000% return
  • Negativity bias and how it makes success feel disappointing
  • The relationship between your expectations and your feelings
  • The influence of negativity bias on your life and your business
  • Why celebrating your wins matter


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