Episode 60: The Jobs You Didn’t Even Know Existed with Jeff Mendelson

Do you have One Big Tip you like to share with people? Jeff Mendelson, get’s to do this with his guests every week on his podcast, The One Big Tip, and today he’s going to share some of his own tips with me. Jeff talks about how being bored at work led to him learning valuable skills, starting sides businesses, and how he got into his current career. We discuss different ways to compile and store content, and various uses a you can put it to. Our chat also touches on the ever-changing nature of Google and social media platforms, and their effects on client content distribution.

Jeff Mendelson is a digital marketing expert and the creator and host of The One Big Tip Podcast. He spent years working for various companies as a tech guy with a sales background. Lacking any challenge in his work, Jeff never lasted long at any of them. In 2009, after being fired by a company for the last time, Jeff finally committed to going fully independent. Jeff now employs a world-wide network of freelancers, bloggers, web designers, and project managers. A strong proponent of lifestyle design, Jeff (normally) works from various locations around the world and extends that same freedom to his employees.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How boredom led Jeff to mastering new skills
  • Generating ongoing revenue with multiple service offers
  • The importance of controlling your content and it’s distribution
  • Issues that arise from dependency on third-party platforms
  • Working with non-business savvy clients
  • and, ways to collect and re-purpose content from your podcast

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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