Episode 46: Taking Outcasts to Heroes with Consistency and Honesty with Gareb Shamus

Today’s episode is unbelievably insightful and filled with amazing lessons, regardless of where you are in your business or what your business does. Today on the show we have Gareb Shamus and he’s sharing with us the lessons he learned on his truly amazing business journey.

Gareb is a leading pop-culture expert, founder of the largest Comic Con tour in the world, an original producer of national Comic Cons and publisher of multiple award-winning magazines published in 75 countries worldwide. ACE Universe produces premium events in world-class venues that feature the best of Film, TV, Gaming, Virtual Reality, Collectibles, Comics, Original Art, Toys, Action Figures, Graphic Novels, Illustrators, Writers, Creators, and Entertainment Programming.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Gareb’s backstory and how he created his businesses
  • Mistakes that Gareb wishes he avoided along his business journey
  • Gareb’s first Comic Con – organization and the idea behind it
  • Changing history through Comic Con and building a global audience
  • How to manage a growing business while staying true to your customers
  • How Gareb used the dominance he had in the market to give a platform to the people who didn’t have a voice – on both the consumer and business side
  • Gareb’s motivation behind creating Ace Universe; from exclusivity to inclusivity
  • and, how Covid changed the industry of live experiences and what Gareb’s business plans are for the future

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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