Episode 61: Success From Bringing Others Joy with Angie Lee

How do you get comfortable with taking risks? Develop a healthy relationship with uncertainty and regret. My guest today is the outgoing entrepreneur, community builder and podcaster: Angie Lee. She talks about where her fearlessness comes from when it comes to investing time and money into business ventures and ideas. We also chat about the importance of self-awareness for entrepreneurs and authenticity in personal brands. For the podcasters out there, Angie goes on to speak about podcast monetization and how to approach sponsors for your show.

Angie Lee is a multi-passionate person with a lot on the go. Turning her ADHD into an advantage, she has been able to channel her energy into several successful business ventures. Angie is an entrepreneur and the host of the personal development podcast, The Angie Lee Show. She is also a product developer, public speaker, blogger, course creator, and more. Self-described as “unemployable”, Angie has been creating new and interesting jobs for herself for the past 10 years.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Being successful with ADHD
  • Finding your strengths and focusing on them
  • How to build courage and take chances
  • Important aspects to consider when building a community
  • Being raw and authentic with your audience
  • Two methods of podcast monetization: product funneling and sponsorship
  • How to pitch a podcast sponsor
  • The difference between Audience and Influence

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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