Episode 56: Solving a Personal Problem Leads to an Unexpected Business with Adi Arezzini

The best products, especially when it comes to your health, are those that solve your problem and honestly work. My guest today, Adi Arezzini knows this first hand. Adi is the co-founder of Teami, a company whose flagship product was designed to solve internal gut health issues. In this episode, Adi and I discuss how Teami got started and the different marketing tactics she has used to grow her e-commerce business. She also shares her thoughts on product branding, horizontal expansion, and inventory control.

Teami was initially created by Adi and her business partner to solve digestive issues that Adi herself was having. Realizing that they had created a product that worked and that could help others, the Teami brand was born. After focusing mainly on teas for the first few years, Adi reached out to her clients to find out what other issues they were facing. This led to Teami branching out into skincare and later into the wide world of wellness products. Staying true to her vision to create natural solutions that actually work, Adi can personally attest to her products’ efficacy, as she has been has been the human guinea pig in their development.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Adi’s time in the Israeli army, discovering her gut health issues, and finding her love for fitness and well-being
  • Solving Adi’s gut health issues with holistic nutrition and solutions and the development of Teami with her business partner
  • Branding and creating excitement for the consumer via product release
  • Letting the numbers drive your decisions when you’re expanding your product lines
  • Influencer marketing: what works and what doesn’t
  • Teami’s successes and setback in branching out from teas and detoxes into skincare and other tea-based products
  • The concept that inventory is money. Over-ordering, under-ordering, and finding a neutral ground by buying specific amounts as test units

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