Episode 55: Selling a Business: Selling an Amazon-Based Physical Product Business with Eytan Weiner

Today I’ve invited an old friend Inside the Lion’s Den for an interview. Eytan Weiner has been at the helm of Quantum Networks as Co-Founder and COO from its creation in 2008 to its recent sale in 2020. On this episode, we’ll be discussing the start and growth of his business, as well as the mechanics of its sale last year. We’ll also touch on questions of management, including finding the right people for the job and employee retention strategies.

Eytan Weiner is the Co-Founder and former COO of Quantum Networks. Founded in 2008, Quantum Networks is third-party online retailer that also creates launch and growth strategies for sellers on Amazon. In 2020, Eytan and his partner sold Quantum Networks to Advantage Solutions. Since then, Eytan has invested in and become the CEO of GETIDA, a technology company that provides software to track Amazon FBA inventory transactions, refunds, seller data analytics, and FBA reimbursements. Eytan is also a founding board member of the Prosper Show, the largest continuing education conference for established Amazon sellers.

I could have the greatest ideas, but I need people to help me because I can’t do everything by myself, and if you think you can then you’re mistaken. – Eytan Weiner

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Strategies to become a successful third-party reseller on Amazon
  • The importance of “human capital”
  • How to retain good employees once you have them
  • How to create a good workplace culture
  • Different options Eytan Weiner considered when considering the sale of his business
  • The definition of a Cash-Free Debt-Free purchase
  • What an Asset Purchase entails
  • Details of the Quantum Networks purchase by Advantage Solutions
  • Eytan’s new company: GETIDA

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