Episode 76: Rethinking Priorities: Preserving the Foundation, Not Just the Fruit with Anthony Trucks

On today’s episode we have Anthony Trucks, a former NFL player and author of Identity Shift and founder of the Shift Method. Anthony shares with us his background and history, and some interesting lessons that you can get out of it for personal growth, business growth, or any of your relationships. Anthony talks about growing up in foster care, his adoption, and how he made the decision to alter his thinking in order pursue college and a football career. He shares his insights on how hardships in life help form intangible skills that can transfer to a successful business and life. He also discusses his Shift Method and how recognizing that you’re not where you want to be in life can trigger a shift in your identify, and help form a plan and the discipline for success.

Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player, American Ninja Warrior, business owner, author, speaker, and Identity Shift Coach. His Shift Method has helped thousands of people reprogram themselves from the inside out and align their life vision with their ideal identity. It is Anthony’s passion and life’s mission to pass along the knowledge that took him 30+ years to learn. As the founder of “Dark Work” and creator of the “Dark Work Experience” Anthony teaches people how to access the power of their identity through Dark Work, tap into their full potential, and Make Shift Happen!

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Anthony’s early life from foster care to the NFL
  • How Anthony made the decision and mental shift to pursue college and a football career
  • Recognizing your intangible skillset earned through the crucibles of life
  • What Anthony didn’t know he didn’t know going into the NFL
  • Coming to the realization you’re at the bottom in order to shift and progress forward
  • Planting the seeds of change and allowing the world to water it
  • Anthony’s Shift Method and the goal of being in the Zone of your identity
  • Why doing things that feel out of character will get you to the place and to the person you want to be

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