Episode 59: Raw, Real and Confident When Nobody Would Support You with Zachary Babcock

It doesn’t matter where you come from, you can design your life. My guest, Zachary Babcock, is doing just that for himself and helping his entrepreneur clients and listeners do it too. Zach talks to me today about turning his life around after prison and how he educated himself in sales and marketing. We also discuss personal authenticity in business and the lasting legacies of his mother. Finally, Zach shares how he created Underdog Empowerment, what it’s mission is, and what it’s future holds.

Zachary Babcock is the Founder and CEO of the Underdog Empowerment podcast, a show that helps entrepreneurs launch, grow and monetize passive income businesses and personal brands. After spending over 5 years behind bars, he left his past behind and made a fresh start. Finding it hard to secure employment as an ex-con, Zach realized that he needed to go into business for himself. After forays into network marketing and a stint as a life coach, he found his true calling in the Underdog Empowerment podcast. Zachary now has a top 200 rated podcast, a business that makes over 6 figures, and is on the way to living his best life.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Books, speakers, and courses that educated and influenced Zachary Babcock
  • What door-to-door sales can teach you
  • The lessons to be learned from mentors and your mother
  • How to figure out your personal brand and your audience
  • Why solo episodes and celebrity guest interviews are important for a podcast
  • Paying for guests to come on your podcast and paying to be a guest on a podcast
  • The long-term mission of Underdog Empowerment

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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