Episode 32: Focusing on The Obvious with Elise Darma

Are you interested in learning how to create Instagram posts that sell? Do you want to sell more of your programs, get booked out with clients, and build a money-making brand on the world’s #1 social media platform?

Today on the show we have Instagram expert, Elise Darma. Elise is sharing her personal journey in her business, as well as, how to use Instagram as a strategic marketing tool to grow your business.

Elise has been working in social media since 2010. It’s basically how she earned a full-time living throughout her adult years. The first few years, she was an employee. But in 2014, she broke out on her own and has been growing Instagram accounts for clients ever since.

Today, she’s worked with thousands of entrepreneurs like yourself to teach you the ropes on how to use Instagram to *actually* grow a business.

She’s not talking followers and likes just to look fake-popular. No, no, no.

Her speciality is in helping the not-so-Insta-famous people make actual, REAL revenue directly from this glorious free app. Together, her clients have collectively earned almost $1,000,000 in reported revenue – directly from Instagram.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Using Instagram as a strategic marketing tool to grow your business
  • Building your personal brand, physical product brand or selling more digital courses
  • What helped Elise transition from self-employed to building a business that provided true independence
  • Seek out coaches and advisers that have a natural ability to see ahead and be a visionary
  • Molding your business to fit your personality
  • Creating a separation from your business and your personal life
  • Putting into practice the concept of, “Yes, and…”
  • The 4 seasons of your business: Visibility, Engagement, Leads, and Sales


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