Episode 71: Ins And Outs of Passive Real Estate Investing with Left Field Investors

In today’s episode I am interviewed by Jim Pfeifer from the Passive Investing from Left Field podcast. We talk about looking for sponsors who are making money for you, not ones who are making money off of you, and how to find and vet the right sponsor for you. We discuss how sometimes passive investment turns out to be active ones, and how asset managers can help with that. We also talk about different metrics and how to cater them to align with your investment strategy. This interview is full of tips and information to help you invest your money intelligently allowing your wealth to accumulate so you can focus on what matters, which is your business and your mission.

Passive Investing from Left Field is a community focused on networking and education to help people invest passively and think differently. They interview syndication sponsors, passive investors and others who will share their passive investing journey as they pursue financial freedom. They are building a community of investors who are interested in acquiring real assets that produce real cash flow.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • My passive investing and financial journey
  • Marketing vs Managing an investment – where is the money being made?
  • Fees to be aware of when signing an investment deal
  • The most important metrics to look at when investing
  • IRR (Internal Rate of Return) explained and how it relates to cash flow
  • Equity Multiple explained and how it relates to average annual return
  • 3 kinds of Cap Rates and what they mean
  • How to find and vet quality investment sponsors
  • The Future Fund course and community
  • Stable Coins and how they work
  • My business podcast recommendation

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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