Episode 40: Human Resources (HR) as a life and skill builder with Yuri Kruman

My guest today is Yuri Kruman. Yuri is the founder and CEO of HR, Talents & Systems. In today’s episode we talk about the misunderstanding of human resources and how we should think about it more as a life skillset vs something that only big companies think about while entrepreneurs and other business owners don’t.

Yuri is a multi-talented corporate HR consultant, a top-rated executive coach for corporations and fast-growing startups, board member, contributor to Entrepreneur and Forbes and a sought-after speaker at Fortune 500 companies and universities. Before HR, he worked in a wide range of functions, including Product Manager, Business Development, Finance and Operations and Special Projects. Yuri is also the author of What Millennials Really Want From Work And Life and Be Your Own Commander in Chief.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How Yuri got started working in the Human Resources Industry
  • Breaking down what Human Resources truly means and how to think about it differently
  • In the world we live today – are there new rules when it comes to choosing your career?
  • Work-life balance vs work-life integration and the importance of life-skills
  • What are the most important things for growing companies in regards to HR
  • Yuri’s new book Be Your Own Commander in Chief and the main takeaways you can expect from the book

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