Episode 80: Getting the Highest ROI on People, Time and Money with Cameron Herold

Today I had a great conversation with Cameron Herold, the founder of COO (Chief Operating Officer) Alliance. There was so much I wanted to talk to Cameron about that we just jumped right into it and Cameron shared some great advice and insight on what a COO’s role is and considerations to make when hiring a COO (or other senior team members) for your business. When Cameron started COO Alliance he had worked has a COO for several years (and been quite successful at it) and thought he had a good understanding of the ins and outs of a COO’s role. Since starting COO Alliance, his understanding of what a good COO does has changed drastically.

This episode isn’t just for those of you who are already working with a COO or wanting to hire one. In our conversation, Cameron shared in depth about hiring and training good leaders in your business, even if they’re not specifically going to be a COO. This episode is full of direction and tips for anyone working with or looking to hire new senior team members. Cameron talked about hiring and finding a COO for your business and the things you need to understanding regarding your businesses before hiring new team members. He also shared in-depth about how to actually train good leaders within your company and how this is an area where he sees many companies fall short. The majority of our conversation was spent on this idea of training good leaders and how focusing energy on doing that will reap enormous benefits for your business.

More about Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold is “the COO Whisperer.” He is founder of the COO Alliance and the Second in Command podcast. By age thirty-five, Cameron had helped build his first two $100 million companies. By forty-two, he had engineered 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s spectacular growth from $2 million to $106 million in revenue in just six years.

An in-demand speaker, best-selling author, mentor, and coach, he has shown hundreds of clients globally how to double both their revenue and profit in three years or less. He is the top-rated lecturer at EO/MIT’s Entrepreneurial Masters Program and a powerful speaker at entrepreneur and leadership events online and in-person globally.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • What the COO Alliance is and how it began
  • What you need to know before hiring a COO for your business
  • Considering the unique season and needs of your business
  • Hiring someone who fits skill-wise and culture-wise
  • When being a generalist is better than being an “expert”
  • How to find the right COO once you’re ready to hire one
  • How to actually train good leaders
  • Teaching people how to do their jobs properly (because they probably don’t realize they aren’t)
  • Teaching your leaders to lead
  • Getting the highest return on investment on your business’ people, time, and money
  • What companies can learn from football players and elite navy seals
  • Growing people will grow your business
  • The real role of a COO
  • Giving people the critical few things instead of the important many things

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