Episode 83: Nature vs. Nurture: Unpacking the DNA of Entrepreneurship with Keaton Hoskins

Today we have an insightful conversation on entrepreneurship and networking with Keaton Hoskins, also known as “The Muscle” from the Diesel Brothers and founder of Limitless Society!

Together, we explore the raw truths of starting and running a business, emphasizing the vital role of networking and the sometimes overlooked value of paying for invaluable experiences.

We shed light on the glamorized image of entrepreneurship, discussing the unseen hard work and the shift away from the traditional path to success.

Keaton opened up about his journey, starting at 21 after a family loss, refusing a life on someone else’s terms. His belief is slightly controversial but honest: entrepreneurship is innate for some, like athleticism, yet, with grit and determination, even the less predisposed can pave their path to entrepreneurial success.

Keaton redefines networking by emphasizing a value-first approach, where transactions are not the goal. He believes listeners should bring value without expecting immediate returns, which helps to establish meaningful relationships.

Get ready for an eye-opening and inspiring conversation on what it truly takes to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • The importance of providing value without expecting anything in return
  • Personal experiences in building relationships through offering value
  • Being willing to pay for valuable relationships and experiences
  • The benefit of overpaying, tipping well, and adding value to others
  • How the traditional education system is not a great fit for everyone
  • The unseen hard work behind the glamorization of entrepreneurship on social media

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