Episode 62: Understanding How to Grow a Business Using Vessels with Giselle Ugarte

Technology is always changing and as a result, so are marketing strategies. My guest today, Giselle Ugarte, has been both behind the camera and in front of it. She developed a unique understanding of the role that YouTube Influencers play in sales and advertising while the platform itself was in it’s infancy and the term “Influencer” wasn’t even in our lexicon. She shares some of the ups and downs of her career and her key takeaways. Giselle talks about making tough choices and deciding which opportunities are the right fit for you. She also has some great insight into the role of video in business, how sponsorship relationships work, and why coaches and mentors are important to your success.

Giselle Ugarte is from Minneapolis, Minnesota but always wanted to move to Hollywood and be on television. After attending USC for broadcasting, working hard, and networking, she eventually achieved that dream. During this time, Giselle was also on YouTube doing makeup tutorials and gaining an understanding of marketing and the platform. After events in her life made her reevaluate the direction of her career, Giselle ended up on radio and putting her side-hustle knowledge to use as a branding manager. From there she moved to an advertising agency focusing on humanizing corporations. Now Giselle has struck out on her own as the CEO of Action-Forward, speaking, coaching, and providing consultation to independent entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Why a social media presence shouldn’t be your goal, but a tool to achieve your goals
  • Changing your focus and your audience
  • What your online profile should say to potential clients and employers
  • Walking away from a path in which you’ve invested time, money, or effort
  • Why you might hesitate to look for a mentor but NEED to find one
  • Reframing the way we approach video creation
  • How to know when you’re connecting with your audience
  • Information you should have ready when you’re seeking sponsorship
  • Determining what your time is worth
  • The benefits and importance of delegation
  • The growing value of Influencers in marketing

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