Episode 23: Is Your Business Missing a Key Ingredient?

We’re going to talk about a topic that I would call the intangibles. It’s not something you can actually hold. The intangible can sometimes be soft skills. But they are also things that you truly can’t quantify because they’re not necessarily a skillset. My friend Daniel calls this “non-comp compensation”.

When you’re managing a business and a team, you want your A players. You want the best players on your team. And you want them to want to work for you. And you want those A players to run through walls for you. And stay with you, long-term.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Intangible ways to encourage employees that stick around long-term
  • Giving the same thought and respect to your employees as you do your clients
  • Examples of non-comp compensation benefits

“If you treat your clients like gold but you treat your employees like garbage, your employees are going to see that they’re going to figure it out.” – Aryeh Sheinbein


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