Episode 33: Successful Business Acquisition using Financing with Stephen Speer

Are you interested in growing your business? Have you considered buying a business? Most people know that you can buy a brick and mortar business, but a newer opportunity is growing your business by buying an e-commerce business.

Today on the podcast, we are going to speak to Stephen Speer. Stephen is the CEO and founder of E-Commerce Lending. He got started with residential mortgage lending over 28 years ago, which transitioned into commercial lending, but what he really enjoys is business acquisition.

Eventually Stephen transitioned into e-commerce business financing where he now owns his business and supports other entrepreneurs.

In this episode, we talk about the steps needed to grow your business through acquisitions. What do you need to know, that you might not know, and how to leverage knowledge to make good decisions. We also touch on how this industry is growing and changing.

There is a difference between consumer debt and business debt.

In this episode about business acquisition, we’ll cover:

  • Growing your business through other business acquisitions
  • Financing acquisition options for your business
  • Pitfalls you may run into with business acquisitions
  • and, things you should and shouldn’t be thinking about within the e-commerce space


  • Connect with Stephen through is company, E-Commerce Lending Firm
  • Reach out to Stephen with questions: stephen@ecommerncelending.com


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