Episode 48: Building Connections and Getting Clear In Order to Truly Help Others with Jen Gotleib

There is an audience for every story. My guest in today’s show is Jen Gottlieb, co-founder of Super Connector Media, a PR company that does PR differently. Jen believes that leveraging publicity, media and connections is one of the best ways to grow your business. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs find that audience and share their story authentically and unforgettably, connecting them with a tribe of incredible people who will support, uplift and enlighten them along the way.

The Supper Connector Media: Disrupting the Traditional Public Relations Agency Model. The traditional media agency format is outdated – and journalists, editors, and producers see right through it. At Super Connector Media, they know the strength of the pack is greater than the strength of the lone wolf. When you work with them, you’re getting access to multiple rolodexes in a productive, supportive environment. It’s PR Done Differently.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • How Jen’s strong conviction led her from musical theatre school to Broadway
  • Lessons Jen learned about the industry while working as a VH1 talk show host
  • How Jen started over and created a six figure business by leveraging publicity, media and connections
  • Creating Super Connector Media: Doing PR differently by leveraging and amplifying the PR that you get
  • Shifting your mindset to overcome imposter syndrome and why you need to be more visible
  • The importance of creating connections and relationships through both your life-network and work-network

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