Episode 31: A Good Name

When you think about having a good name as an individual, it’s about how people think about that individual. They think about whether they have a good reputation, if they’ve done anything wrong or they may think, I like them for XYZ reasons.

Today I’m talking about what it means to have a good name and how to think about this as a business owner, a leader, and a brand. The reputation of a business, person, or leader is what’s going to drive a business. It’s how people will see your business, and what it’s known for.

Does your business have a good name?

As a business, there’s multiple things at play. You can think about it internally, meaning as a leader of a business and the face of the business to your employees, as well as the brand. And also externally to the rest of the world, there is YOU the leader, and there’s the brand, and how people think about the company when they hear the name.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What do people think and feel about your business when they hear your business name?
  • Does your company excel at creating a good name? Or do you fall short?
  • What is your business reputation?

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:

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