Episode 29: A Case Study and Business Model Breakdown

Today we are going to break down the peloton bike business model. We will analyze it to understand what’s working, but additional how we can apply this model to YOUR business – or bring more awareness around these concepts for future projects.

Recently, I watched a documentary called, “The Social Dilemma”. Basically, the documentary is about people who worked at many of the social networking companies, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – but mainly people who worked at Google. This documentary talked about what these social media platforms are designed to do and what they actually achieve.

Curious how this documentary applies to today’s topic?

Listen to this episode, as we talk about:

  • How business networks are always brainstorming ways to get you to stay on their platform longer – and ultimately to monetize. YOU are the product.
  • How the peloton bike business model has evolved
  • How to apply these methods to YOUR business
  • Ways to provide your customer with a better experience, and more value, so they will stick around longer and spend more month with your business