Episode 69: A Business Journey from Finance, Acquisitions, IPOs, Investor, to Ecommerce with Yadin Shemmer

Regardless of your industry, there’s something for you in this episode. Today I talk with Yadin Shemmer, CEO and cofounder of Intrinsic, about his business journey from starting out in finance, selling a business, taking a business public, and his experience with acquisitions. We discuss what he learned through three different exits, an IPO, and his advice for business owners who are looking to do the same. We also discuss how to think about customers, market segments, and physical products in the ecommerce market.

Serial consumer health entrepreneur, former CEO and president at a publicly traded company, Yadin Shemmer has accelerated many types of businesses. He knows the right time to sell and boasts several successful exits. Before founding Intrinsic, Yadin spent 15 years building and running consumer health businesses and started his career in finance as both an M&A advisor and later as an investor.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Yadin’s background and journey through business
  • Yadin’s process of selling his first business
  • The difficulties of taking a company public
  • Yadin’s work with Kleiner Perkins
  • The importance of culture during acquisitions
  • What is Intrinsic
  • Analysis and fundraising when starting an ecommerce
  • Market and evaluation gap in ecommerce
  • Yadin’s predictions for the future of ecommerce

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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